Leverage: Using Temporal Wealth for Eternal Gain
Leverage: Using Temporal Wealth for Eternal Gain
Leverage: Using Temporal Wealth for Eternal Gain
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Leverage: Using Temporal Wealth for Eternal Gain

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We all have two choices: Follow the Wisdom of this world or follow the wisdom of God

This decision is particularly pressing in our day-to-day lives as we determine where to allocate our wealth. This book seeks to show how Christians can leverage God's earthly gifts not for personal benefit but for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Leverage uniquely combines the wisdom of a theologian (Kenneth Boa) and the real-life experiences of a practictioner (Russ Crosson). It challenges the usual assumptions and thinking about money and expertly shows followers of Christ how to live with a perspective that looks beyond an earthly horizon into eternity. Crosson and Boa first guide you through the principles of biblical generosity—the why, when, how, how much, and where of giving—and then share the plethora of practical applications that will aid you in your endeavors to give wisely and generously.

Praise for Leverage 

God's word is clear; you can serve God or money but not both. Ken Boa and Russ Crosson are two of the most qualified people I know who can speak to this issue with wisdom and experience. I recommend this book highly.

—Ron Blue, Founder of Kingdom Advisors

I'm grateful for Ken Boa and Russ Crosson writing this book that provides very practical ways of living and giving generously

—Mark Batterson, New Yor Times Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker

About the Authors
  Kenneth Boa is a teacher, speaker, author of over 50 books, and mentor who is actively engaged in a ministry of relational discipleship and evangelism. He is president and founder of Reflections Ministries, Omnibus Media Ministries, and Trinity House Publishers
Russ Crosson is executive vice presicent and chief mission officer of Ronald Blue Trust, where he works to ensure the mission of the company is carried out with integrity and passed down to future generations. He is the author of several books and has been featured in many venues.


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